Restricted Code is a post-punk band that existed from 1978 to 1981. Restricted Code was formed by Tom Cannavan and Frank Quadrelli, school friends from Easterhouse in Glasgow. The pair had written songs together and played in various school bands before discovering punk music and going on to create Restricted Code. The band released three records, recorded John Peel and other BBC Radio sessions, and toured extensively.


After a 36-year hiatus, three of the original four members got back together: songwriting partnership Tom and Frank, and Kenny Blythe on bass. They brought in old friend Les Gaff, formerly with fellow Glaswegian band, Positive Noise, on drums. Six month’s later, the band bumped into original drummer Robert Mccormick, now a keyboard player. Robert is now playing with the Codes too, and they’re loving playing together again. A stream of new material is emerging, and regular rehearsals are taking place, so who knows…

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